Saturday, February 04, 2006

Night Porch Banjo

The San Francisco Bluegrass & Old-Time Festival is in full swing, which made me remember this snippet from a warm night back in November.

I have got to get out more.

Length: 1:27

Tune: "Motherless Children" by way of Roscoe Holcomb

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chris, great stuff! Keep posting the music clips. I'd almost unsubscribed thinking it was just going to be vids of the kids from here on out.

8:31 AM PST  
Blogger Chris said...

Am attempting to restore balance. Thanks for not giving up.

12:01 PM PST  
Blogger Josh Leo said...

I love clawhammer, I love folk music, you, bre and I should start an old timey appalachain folk music band!

5:56 PM PST  
Blogger Chris said... Vloggy Mountain Boys?

9:36 PM PST  

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